Our well-established network of many different "stakeholders" from the different areas in the global mobility industry and the establishment of foreign companies in Switzerland provides the basis for the successful implementation and completion of our services and projects for our customers.

In the area of ​​relocation, our customers, and especially their international employees (mainly expatriates or foreign local hires but also temporarily assignments for projects), are benefiting from our many years of professional and trustful cooperation with numerous real estate agents from various cantons.

In the field of business immigration, we value the long-standing and very good cooperation with the various offices at the municipal, cantonal and federal levels.

In the field of company settlement, our clients benefit from our network, which is based on a long-standing and trusting cooperation with leading real estate companies, construction project developers, lawyers (with a focus on real estate) & notaries, other services around this topic and especially a trustworthy collaboration with cantonal economics departments and offical business promoters of various cities, cantons and regions.